Wardrobe refresh and customisation


We are always busy, so shopping and organising our wardrobe can be a hassle. It leads us buying the same styles, even if not perfectly fitting us, and wearing only, 20% of our clothes. I can work with you to create an organised wardrobe containing clothes you love and that suit you, so that also your self-confidence will be strengthened!

You don’t need lots of stuff, what you need is a perfect balance of timeless essential staples joined with remarkable pieces that you can tone up or down depending on the occasion.

I start with a style consultation to understand your lifestyle, personal style and your inspiring looks. Following step is look at at your body shape and proportions in conjunction to your colours so that I can propose you the most suitable shapes, fabrics and fashion trends.

colour analysis is undertaken to show you the best colours that suit your skin tone and how to create new colour combinations. If you “dare”, I can also give you the main principle to enable you at mix & match prints and patterns.

The wardrobe refresh is a reorganisation to decide:

  • what needs updating
  • which garments can be sent away for alterations (with your approval)
  • the missing key pieces
  • unwanted pieces. I can also give advice on where designer items in good conditions can be sold.

As additional service, I can also customise and refresh some of your “old” pieces that might look boring at your eyes. Customisation might include, but it isn’t limited to, glittering, different cuts, stamps, …

At the end of the “refresh” you will:

  • Reach full confidence in your style personality (what suits you and what don’t)
  • Have a functional wardrobe with fewer items to mix & match
  • Get rid of the useless items to gain space for the new ones
  • Receive fresh ideas to renew your style.

After the session you will be emailed with a personalised style booklet with style and wardrobe notes, including pictures of outfits, a list of your ‘wardrobe needs’ and a shopping list to fill those gaps.