Personal Shopping

Booking a Personal Shopping session (minimum 4 hours long), I will assist you in buying for the new season, make key improvements to your existing wardrobe, or selecting an outfit for a special event.

Usually this session follows the Personal Styling, so you already have the basic concepts to make the most of your Personal Shopping day.


Prior to your shopping day, a store route is planned and a selection of items is already agreed so that we can optimise our time. The shops we visit are selected with your personal style and budget in mind. I will only recommend pieces that suit you and will make a strong difference to your personal style and wardrobe.

During all the day you will learn about styles that fit your body shape, experience new colours and their combinations. We will look together at how to:

  • create and accessorise your outfits
  • fill the gaps in your wardrobe
  • invest in timeless key pieces
  • save in buying the latest fashion trends
  • customise the inspiring outfit style you would like achieve
  • give you the basis so that your next shopping experience will be more fun than a hassle.


Considering the continuous development of the online shopping, I could also give you, as alternative or as addition to the above services, the basic tips for a proficient online “retail therapy”. At the end of the session (two hours long) you will know:

  • the best online stores for your style and budget
  • how to find the best offers for the same item
  • how to recognise and avoid fakes
  • how to avoid returns
  • how to save on shipping expenses.