About me

I’m Francesca, Italian based in London area since the last (almost 3 years).

I’ve always been in love with fashion starting from the creation of my first mood boards when I was four, carrying on designing my clothes and full-dresses when I was nine, reaching up today when I’m running this blog and I’ve got lots of ongoing and developing projects.

My Italian background joined to my life in London and lots of travels around the world, with main focus on the biggest capitals, gives me a different approach to style and fashion.  I like to add my personal taste to what is currently on trend, I usually customise my clothes and accessories because I rarely like “things as they come from store”.

My “sniper” eye on emerging trends and brands was reinforced during my training as Cool Hunter at Central Saint Martins School in London in 2014. Since then I’ve put lot of effort on discovering and promoting new brands, mostly Italian ones, helping them to develop and expand towards the international market.